13.70 (Ελληνικά) 13.70


In our cultural center we are cultivating every year red dry grapes, which we product red dry wine called “Eros”.We started agriculture our grape feilds on 2008 with organic ways and certificated them in BIOELLAS. The code no is a-434721E3 and was given to us in 2006. We produce our wine traditionally , way that is given to us from the times when  our ancient ancestors were collecting the grapes and were creating great ceremonies in the name of the God Dionysus , the God of Happiness , of wine , of Theater. Our ancestors were harvesting the grapes and after were steping on them , dancing in the name of the God. In the end were putting the wine in ceramic barels and were using it after 3-4 months. The same way we use today all around Greece.

In our Garden for the last 10 years we are having wine festivals. The visitors are harvesting with us and after we dance in Dionysus altar of wine. Always we have our children with us , honoring their purity and happy energy. In this way we are passing to them our heritage.

You are very welcome in our wine festival.


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