College Year in Athens & Kos

CYA is introducing an exciting new initiative: Learning from the Ancients: a Hands-on Approach to Life from the Ancient Times to Today’s Healthy Living, is an exceptional way for young people to discover Greece on a 10-week program (no student visa required), enrich their educational and life experiences but also deepen their connection and understanding of the Greek culture.

Participants  will excavate in the Athenian seaside suburb of Voula, exploring modern Athens, and will tend the Hippocrates Garden at the recreated Ancient House on the island of Kos.

Through this program, one will gain an understanding of both the Ancient and the Modern that is based on personal experience. Additionally, Greek language, culture, dance, and culinary workshops will immerse them into Greek life, while trips to the Peloponnese and Delphi will allow them to broaden their perspective and expand their worldview.

Participants will discover life as it was 2,000 years ago
and explore the relationship between ancient Greek practices and today’s health and wellness movement.

 This Program is an exceptional way to enrich the educational and life experiences, and a unique opportunity to deepen the connection and understanding of Greek culture.

  • Visits to the city’s landmarks and points of historical and cultural interest: the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, Historical Walking tour, Graffiti tour, the Greek Parliament and the Presidential Guard Barracks, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, with on-site guidance by CYA faculty.
  • 4 weeks participation in the excavation at Aixonidai Halai in the Athenian seaside suburb of Voula, under the instruction & supervision of CYA faculty and the Director of the Excavation.
  • 1 week participation in Laboratory work related to findings at the excavation
  • Certificate for the excavation work
  • 1 week tending the Hippocrates Garden in the recreated Ancient House on the island of Kos
  • Field Study trips to the Peloponnese, Delphi, Marathon
  • Workshops in Athens and Kos Island (Greek cooking, Greek dancing, tending herbs & planting seeds, etc.)
  • Housing in CYA apartments in the Athenian residential neighborhood of Pangrati
  • Hotel accommodations while on overnight trips and on the island of Kos
  • Transportation during all trips as well as to/from the excavation site
  • Meals provided according to the program
  • Orientation and acculturation activities such as Modern Greek language and culture classes by CYA faculty
  • Health insurance by CISI (including medical treatment for COVID-19)