Environmental Protection

Hippocrates Garden, respecting the environment and wildlife, participates in voluntary programs of all environmental organizations in Greece. We are a member of sea turtle Careta-Careta protection Organization.

We also co-operate with the association Anima for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife. Furthermore, through our programs in schools, we had encouraged recycling, and by now we have managed to recycle 1 tone of materials!

We would like to thank the pupils of Antimachia’s schools for their support and cooperation to this program and their sensitivity for a clean environment!

Pottery Seminars

Pottery is one of the oldest crafts, used by primitive people in everyday life. Numerous excavation findings (household items, decorative objects etc) prove that clay, being the primary material found in abundance, led men to use it in many ways. Fired earth was a discovery of immense value. The creativity and imagination of man with the use of hands and four elements of nature Soil – Water – Air – Fire, resulted in the birth of the art of pottery.

The term “Ceramic” means objects made from clay, stood in various ways, dried and finally became stable and unchanged under the influence of fire. The Pottery was one of the most famous arts in Greece because of its usefulness in everyday life.

Painting Seminars

Learn how to do unique art pieces and make special gifts of your work to yourself & your friends!

Mosaic Art Seminars

Learn how to do decorative mosaics, play with locally found materials or recycled ones and create an eco-trash art mosaic!

Mosaic Art & Pebble Seminars

Learn how to do traditional mosaic, using the method ancient Greeks and Byzantines applied to create their masterpieces. Form your own tesserae out of a marble piece, using traditional tools (hammer, hardie). Follow the techniques still used by local craftsmen in greek islands, to create a unique pebble mosaic.

Cooking & Breadmaking Seminars

A sign of human evolution was the time when man started cultivating wheat and then making flour out of it, which led to bread making, the basic food almost all over the world.

At our Garden, you will learn how to make bread, pitas and other local dishes, in the traditional way women applied throughout time.

You can also gather goods produced at our garden and cook using simple ancient recipes, as well as modern ones.

Through these seminars visitors will also learn to appreciate the therapeutical value of plants and herbs and the important role they play to our health and nutrition.

Agriculture Seminars

On our Cultural Center organically grown vines, olives, fruit trees and herbs. Respect and protect the land and wildlife is essential at a time when environmental pollution has led to the destruction of our planet.

Botanology Seminars

Hippocrates Garden owns a botanical garden that has been succesfully created by the help of the Primary School of Antimachia.

The pupils were guided in Center premises and planted various types of herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, mint, spearmint, apigano, oregano, sunflowers etc.

The Garden is located within a wildlife refuge and we can find around self sown wild herbs such as wild lavender, oregano, balm and cedar trees and other medicinal plants.