Through this page and through my art, I will try to give you a different picture of what is Planet Earth for me.

The ancient Goddess Gaia was for many cultures the first spiritual existence.

The necessity of worship seemed to all artwork of our ancient ancestors.

Without her there is no culture and our ancestors knew this.

  • In 2010 we created the film “Gaia, a poem to mother earth” which was screened at several eco – international festivals and at this time travels through the most famous eco-festival in the world the “Green Unpluged”, in America, New Zealand, India.
  • The tale “Gaia, Great Mother” was written in 2003 and is dedicated to the tribes of South and North America and indigenous cultures.

With great love the tale is dedicated to the children of the Indians, that for them the modern world history, has never mentioned about the torture suffered after the conquest of “slow turtle” as they called their continent at the past.

  • The poems you will be read have awarded by the Philological Society “Parnassus” in 2007.

Greece needs more than ever, our support and the future generations, need philosophical ancestors.

We must be them.

Because the Earth belongs to our children.

Many thanks to you all who visited our garden electronically. We are honored by your interest in history and culture.