The editing of short film “A poem Gaia Mother Nature” has been successfully completedas creator and producer of the model is our cultural center “The Garden of Hippocrates”.

We would like to thank the sponsors and everyone that has been involved in the production of the film. The production took place inside our cultural center “Hippocrates Garden” and also in various place around Kos island.

Our cultural center that specializes in the promotion of the ancient Greek life culture and awareness of environmental protection has developed the film “Gaia.”

The film is a fiction which depicts the spiritual reality of earth.

The ancient goddess Gaia leads us to the beauties of nature and the importance it had links with the ancient people for the survival of our species.

We want to provide the message that our land belongs to our children. Our work was based on a poem written by Giouli Zafeiratou and was directed by Manthos Armpelia. The role of Gaia, Gaia Giakalli, the woman Sophia Psouni, man John Zafeiratos, the modern man Dimitris Cotton.

Music was written by ZEN GARDEN and makeup done by Themis Sakaris. We would like to thank the children that participated and also their parents for the contribution of the film production.

Also we would like to thank our sponsors who helped to start this band and get to the eco-festival that took place in Rhodes in June   and it also proposed at the Athens Video Art Festival that took place in Technopolis, Gazi Athens in May

We would like to thank and also Mr Socrates Vasiliadis and the Super Market Vassiliadis for their valuable assistance.

Finally we would like to thank the following people & sponsors:

G. Bird and Hotel KOS AKTI, the maritime-company ANEM,  Mayor of  Iraklides Mr. Billi, Hotel Seagulls Bay Village, the Internet company Hotels-Manager.com, Mrs Karagianni, the playground Karagiannis Friends Jounior, Mrs Antonia, Mr. Chris Epsimos and AN.KO.

Mrs Vallia Stefanoudaki and the Vallia’s cafe. Ms John Panera and publishing KINITRO, the ACS KOS, Cafe Da Luz, Cafe SWEDO, the Super wood, Hotel Maritina, Elia Restaurant, IXOPOLIS store, the printing shop Copyxpress.

The newspaper Kos Step, the newspaper Station, Mr John Repits and the radio station 98 fm.

Finally we thank all those who helped for the creation of a project that will highlight the island, our artists and ecology.

Cultural Center Supervisor

Hippocrates Garden

tel: ++ 30 6995196413

email. hippocratesgarden@gmail.com