Julie Zafeiratou created the cultural center “Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden” with the European Union co-financing program Leader + on 2008.

There she created projects for the children based on Ancient Greek philosophy and the history of the Great father of medicine, “Hippocrates”.

From 2009 to 2020 she created a program of replanting the area around the center, planting with the children 2.000 trees these years and recycled at the initiative of the garden a tone of materials.

In 2010 created the film “Gaia” which was shown in international film festivals.
The environmental projects of the garden travelled from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica ,to Argentina, Patagonia, Peru, Chile and the Amazon Jungle.
There she came into contact with locals and people from around the world that are struggling to keep this planet alive for our children future.

Our center in the year 2019 became member of Unesco Pireaus and islands.

Today she teaches philosophy at the schools around Greece, to American universities such as the Pharmakology University of San Diego , the Cincinnaty , The Illinois , The Louisiana and the Centar Crest College. We co operate with the national botanical garden of Tsolula city in Mexico and create Hippocrates garden inside the national park. We also teach  the visitors of our the garden, ancient Greek philosophy of Medicine, always based on universal values and the teaching of our ancestors.

Thank you all.

Julie Zafeiratou