Julie Zafeiratou was born in Athens, Greece in 1977. She studied children nursery at the Andreas Syngros School in 1997 while she also attended  classical photography courses  from years 1998 to 1999. In 2001 she traveled to Zimbabwe where she stayed for 1 month in south jungle , working with local people in the jungle. In 2002 she walked the desert of Sinai for a month where she learned about the culture of the Bedouin, but also lived the experience of the difficulties that people have in the desert. Contacted Egyptian artists created a bridge between them and Greece. 2003 to 2007 created with her family an agro tourism hotel called “The Small Village where she showed the visitors the wild life of Kos Island.

In 2008 she created the cultural center “Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden” with the European Union co-financing program Leader +.

There she created projects for the children based on Greek philosophy and the history of the Great father of medicine, “Hippocrates”.

From 2009 to 2017 she created a program of replanting the area around the center, planting with the children 2.000 trees the first 8 years and recycled at the initiative of the garden a tone of materials.

In 2010 created the film “Gaia” which was shown in international film festivals.
The environmental projects of the garden travelled from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica one of the last paradises of the Earth, to Argentina, Patagonia, Peru, Chile and the Amazon Jungle.
There she came into contact with locals and people from around the world that are struggling to keep this planet alive for our children future.

Today she teaches philosophy at the schools around Greece, to American universities and botanical gardens around the planet, but also to the visitors of the garden. Always based on universal values and the teaching of our ancestors.

The land belongs to the children and our culture must  now to be universal.

The Earth is a Great Spirit, the mother of all and as they said a long time ago, our brothers the Native American Indians, “the land is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from our children.”