The cultural center “Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden” was created by Julie Zafeiratou in 2008 with the European Union co-financing program Leader +.

The center was sponsored 75% from the international european cultural projects and we would like to thank AN.DO for the support in creating our center.

From 2008 until 2016 we are creating cultural and educational projects for the protection of the wild nature and for the protection of the history and our philosophycal heritage. We are working with schools in reforesting the land ,we are co operating with U.N for educational projects with the refuges children coming from the war zones, we are working with International universities and non profit organazitations. In the same time we are donating the family of  Anne Makombe’s in Zimbabwe. 

As the Greek economical krisis getting stronger year after year we decided to open to pablic donations so to continue our projects.

So we would like to ask our friends if the wish to donate as to send their offerings to the Greek Bank of Peireus in the following account



BANK ACCOUNT 6387-010173-101

IBAN GR81 0171 3870 0063 8701 0173 101



Thank you all for your support.

Julie Zafeiratou founder of Hippocrates garden.