My name is Julie Zafeiratou and I’m the founder of Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre.

Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre is a philosophical centre. Our purpose is to keep the roots of medicine, for humanity and future generations.

We’ve worked with 5 American universities as the Pharmacology University of San Diego, the University of Cincinnati, Louisiana, Illinois and the Cedar Crest college, giving lectures about the History of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek medicine ways and the philosophy of Ancient Greece.

13 years now we worked with more than 3.000 children from Greece, Europe and the USA, teaching them the History of the father of medicine and the way to keep their health by eating healthy food.

I had visited 3 times the Amazon Jungle as an activist on saving the rainforest, together with tribes as the Huni Kuin and the Shipibo. I was also in the desert of Mexico helping the children of the desert.

At the same time from 2008-2018, I had travelled to Africa, South and Central America and the USA, and stayed more than 2 months every year with local communities, working as a volunteer.  From 2001 until 2012 I was funding the family of Annie Macombe in Zimbabwe.

In 2019 the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre became a member of Unesco Piraeus and Islands.

Since almost the creation of our Center in 2008, Greece and the whole world suffers an economic crisis. Furthermore Kos Island was in a really difficult position, as after the economical crisis, the refugees came from the war zones in 2015- 2016 undervalued the travel product of our island. In 2017 we had the big earthquake and then in 2020, the coronavirus came.


I’m asking your help and support, to keep our centre and our spirit alive, to be here as long as we can.

We would like to ask our friends if they wish to donate as to send their offerings to the Piraeus Bank Greece in the following account.




Thank you all for your support.

Julie Zafeiratou founder of Hippocrates Garden.