Hippocrates of Kos.


The cultural center “Hippocrates garden” organizes cultural programs for our visitors in the summer season 2020. The program will include lessons of ancient Greek history, philosophy of medicine, botanology and nutrition, based in the philosophy of the father of medicine and his history.

The program will last for 2-3 hours and will include

Welcome to the cultural center, offering Greek herbal tea and introduce our work to the visitors 20’-30’.

The visitor will be able to taste herbal tea from the Garden and various dishes that will represent our nutritional culture such as olives, dry bread, fruits and vegetables from our garden and nuts with honey.

We will continue with guiding to our museums.

In the first museum will be lecture on the history of Hippocrates and his philosophy “Your medicine must be your food” and the value of the right diet, for a healthy way of living -25 ‘

At the end of the first museum we will visit the botanical garden where we will come into contact with the herbs and explain its therapeutic value in the life of man from antiquity to the present day.

Then we will continue to the replica of the ancient house, the theater and the sleeping medicine room.

In the end of the guiding we will offer another medicine tea and we will create medicine bee wax creams and small bags of different herbs.

The cost of the visit, which includes a visit to museums, buffets and seminars costs to 20 euro per person.

The visitor will be given a handmade organic bee wax cream and herb bag made in the seminar

The time of the seminar will be 2-3 hours.

Thank you very much

Julie Zafeiratou

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