Origanum vulgare 100gr



Oregano is grayish green perennial herb with a height ranging from one to three feet or 30 to 60.    It has a hairy erect branched stem with green opposite leaves also covered with fine hair. The flowers, arranged on a spike, are purple in color. The plant has a strong odor similar to thyme and sage.


The Greeks used it extensively as a medicine and was the most popular recipe for hundreds of ancient Greek therapists. For both Greeks and Romans, it was a symbol of joy and happiness, and according to their tradition, grooms and brides were crowned with laurel and oregano.

Dioscorides recommended it to those who suffered from loss of appetite while the oregano decoction believed that it cured the belly convulsions and treated the poisonings. According to Aristotle, if an injured goat ate oregano, his wound was healed!


Oregano is a good source of fiber. Contains volatile oils, sterols and flavonoids. It is rich in vitamin C, E, K, A, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, niacin, phosphorus and iron and beta-carotene. Dried oregano contains 3 to 5% essential oil and in some areas can reach and pass 7% and this is only happening in regions of Greece, namely in Crete, Amorgos, Gytheio and Athos Peninsula.


-It is a powerful antioxidant

-It helps to regulate flatulence by stimulating the secretion of bile

-It is considered a safe emmenagogue.

-Calms the muscle pains

-the oil is effective in treating acne

-Acts against inflections and arthritis

-Suitable for the treatment of asthma.

-Against unpleasant breath

-for the sores and bed sores

-for bladder infections, boils, burns, infections and ulcers of the mouth, teeth pains, cough, flu, cold, chronic rheumatism.

-It reduces the risk of prostate cancer

-Oregano sprouts soothe bruising and swelling if used as a poultice

-Acts against diarrhea, dandruff, seborrhea, nail and finger fungus, food poisoning, head lice, irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal weakness.

-Helps in hypertension and atherosclerosis.

-Oregano is good for leg cramps, headaches, peptic ulcer, lung diseases, psoriasis, prostate disorders, itching and tickle diseases.


-The herb in dried form is rich in aroma and can be used in cooking and in salads.

– Oregano is a good preservative for creamy foods such as mayonnaise and salad dressings.

– Using oregano you can flavor olive oil, which in this way retains more, vinegar and black olives.

– Oregano oil is used in the manufacture of soaps and toothpastes.

-In summer, using oregano, we keep insects away